Vaniity Esports

We are a young organization with high ambition based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

About Us

Vaniity Esports

The digital age has changed many things about our world. eSports has seen a rise in popularity and demand. Gaming is no longer a simple hobby for teenagers to indulge in after school, it has transformed into a competitive sport that is taken seriously worldwide. It gathers crowds of thousands who all have the same love for gaming. With how well received it is, it is just as easy it is to make eSports your bread and butter as it is to make any other sport your full-time job. Though we all know, a talented player needs a good team and a good support system.

That’s where Vaniity comes to play. We came into the world in early 2020 in Montreal, Canada as an eSports organization where passionate players, from all across North America, can gather and compete together. From semi to fully seasoned pros, we have a spot for those who wish to take their skills to new heights. Our teams work together to compete in all sorts of tournaments for a wide range of games against other formidable opponents. With our players’ excitement and enthusiasm energizing each other and our well-thought-out strategies, victory and glory is right within our grasp. Pride isn’t so bad when you have the skills to back you up.